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Botox Professional Professional Blond Platinum Original 1 kg - Luminositta

Botox Energizing Hair Mask Without Formol Luminocita Professional is a high-performance technological product. Its formula contains aloe vera oils that have the function of fighting hair loss, restoring the ends of hair strands, providing alignment of hair strands, reducing frizz, and opening pores to facilitate total absorption of nutrients and vitamins that increase hair luster. Macadamia which is a natural moisturizer and therefore great for increasing smoothness of dehydrated hair and skin, as chamomile penetrates deeply into the capillaries fibers, restoring them from the inside out,
Manufacturer: LUMINOSITTA
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17 Benefits of Botox Blond Luminosittà

1 ° Eliminates the Yellow
2nd platinum
3rd action anti-dandruff
4th accelerates hair growth
5th combat the capillary fall
6 ° Retrieves spike tips
7 ° donely silent and end up with dryness
8 ° Retrieves hair from the capillary break
9 ° Balances the pH of the hair
10 ° Provides alignment of the wires
11 ° decreases frizz
12 ° For all kinds of hair and color.
13 ° without blazing
14 ° Carratrizant Capillary
15 ° Do not dry tips and nor damages the wires.
16 ° Compatible with all other Botox and progressive brands on the market. (except relaxation thioglycolate)
17 opens the pores to facilitate the total absorption of nutrients and vitamins by enhancing intense and balance brilliance.

The BTX capillary Mask Activated term without formol luminosittà Professional is a product of high technological performance. Its formula has aloe vera oils that has the function of combating the capillary drop, recovers spike tips, donely silent and ends with dryness, recovers hair from the capillary break, provides alignment of wires, decreases frizz, opens the pores To facilitate the total absorption of nutrients and vitamins potentizing the brightness, it balances the pH of the hair and anti-dandruff action and the macadamia that is a natural moisturizer and therefore, is great to increase hair softness and dehydrated cuticles, as The chamomile that penetrates deep into the capillary fiber, retrieving it from the inside out, in addition to promoting a perfect sealing of the cuticles by intensifying the glow and softness of the hair, leaving them with a healthier and no harm.

Keep out of the reach of children. Adult external use. Avoid exposure of the product to solar rays and intense heat. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately and abundantly with water. If irritation suspends the use, if irritation persists seek medical orientation. After use keep packing closed.

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