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Home Portable Personal Steam Sauna For Weight Loss And Detoxification With Remote

ساونا منزلية بخارية شخصية- تستخدم الساونا المحمولة هذه تصميمًا سهل الاستخدام وموفر للمساحة، لا حاجة إلى التركيب، 3 نقاط قابلة للطي بسرعة، سهل التخزين والحمل. الحجم الموسع لخيمة الساونا هو 98 سم × 71 سم × 71 سم. ملحوظة: بسبب قيود النقل، لا توجد بطارية في جهاز التحكم عن بعد في العبوة، من الضروري إعداد البطارية الخاصة بك قبل استخدامها.
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Home Portable Personal Steam Sauna for Weight Loss and Detoxification with Remote

【Easy to Carry and Portable】- This portable sauna adopts user-friendly and space-saving design, no installation needed, 3-point folding quickly, easy to store and carry. The expanded size of the sauna tent is 98cm x 71cm x 71cm. Note: Due to transportation restrictions, there is no battery in the remote control in the package, it is necessary to prepare your own battery before using it.
【2 Person Sauna】- This home sauna with leg steam hole is suitable for two people enjoying the spa at home. With the pocket and stretchable design, you can read books, listen to music, play mobile phone, and watch movies while fully relaxing.
【1000W Fast Heating】- With 9 adjustable levels, 2.6L large steam capacity, 5-90 minutes time setting, 1000W high power, it only costs 10 minutes to heat the whole sauna, and the temperature can reach 127°F.
【Waterproof Cotton Material】- The personal sauna tent uses waterproof cotton material which can effectively prevent steam penetration and make cleaning easier.
【Healthy and Relaxing】- Using this home sauna not only helps you lose weight, improve skin conditions, relieve stiffness and joint pain but also increases blood circulation, promotes a more peaceful sleep and reduces stress.

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