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Lakme Collage Hair Dye Cream 1/00 Black 60 ml

Change is important but how to change is the most important. Changing hair color and hair dye is beautiful and gives you renewal and a different appearance, but it is very important to pay attention to the quality and quality of hair dyes and take care of it afterwards. Therefore, at Pioneers of Care we offer you the finest types of hair dye from well-known international brands, in addition to products to protect your hair from breakage, dryness and falling out.
Manufacturer: LAKME
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GTIN: 8429421210010
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Semi-permanent hair dye with cream formula

Color Number: 1/00

Color tone: black

How to use:

Mixing ratio 1: 1.5 of the dye 60 ml + 90 ml of Collage Hydrox


Lakme hair color

Creativity and experience in the field of hair dyes in natural fixed colors

Collage collection is a sophisticated and integrated collection of natural colors with endless possibilities

- More even, harmonious and homogeneous color

Long lasting colorfast

Full coverage of hair roots

Restore the natural luster of hair


Product Benefits:

Its creamy formula contains soy protein complex, which gives hair health, softness and shine

Soy protein works to soften the hair from the depths with high effectiveness, and strengthen the hair fibers, making them look smoother

Healthier and shinier after coloring

- High and guaranteed ability to cover white hair (graying hair)

Contains a small amount of ammonia, which helps maintain hair balance and makes it look healthy, shiny and luminous

Get strong, soft and healthy hair


Longer lasting, more intense colour

High levels of protection for hair and color dye

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حلول دفع آمنة


نقدم حلول دفع آمنة من خلال

طرق الدفع التالية

مدى - فيزا كارد - ماستر كارد

 والتحويل المصرفي

طريقة الدفع المفضلة لدينا في رواد العناية

هي الدفع الآمن عن طريق 

بطاقة الائتمان

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